Metaverse Ventures at the Forefront of Web 3.0 Innovation

  • Reblok- the purchase of virtual real estate inside Bloktopia,
  • Joint Owned Bloktopia Enterprise (JOBE)- similar to the initial public offerings, where a few early investors can participate in a Reblok,
  • Staking Pools- allows multiple blockchain shareholders to pool their resources and increase the chance of profitability from an asset,
  • $BLOK- foundational cryptocurrency token powering all operations on the Metaverse platform,
  • Land Sale Portal- The platform will soon launch a designated portal for VR land sales,
  • Blokpad- a launchpad for new Bloktopia users, called Bloktopians.



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David Keller

David Keller

Market analyst into the intersection of technology, finance, society, politics, and macro-econ. Straddles the NY-TLV axis. Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat.